Nyaw, his hard work paid off! You go Nitori!

Nyaw, his hard work paid off! You go Nitori!

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this movie is fucking art

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The struggle is real, tho.  

just watched the first episode of this and it’s amazing lmfao

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  • Haruka: *YELLING*
  • Rin: *SCREAMING*
  • Makoto: *PANICKING*
  • ED: Hey future fish!
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Stephanie Brown's Moleskine

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while waiting for the light I fired to peak, I hid my face out of shame
I cried when it was supposed to be a sight for leisure
because I finally saw what I have lost in that distant trail
I was afraid that you’d laugh at me thinking I’m such a weirdo
but I let the tears flow anyway, for the last time
now I no longer feel the need to wear my dried tears as a mask

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You're the one that doesn't understand. It's you who cares about all that! I'm not you!

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what’s a homestuck

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